Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Know Your Numbers!

Ever wonder what your ideal weight is or how much calories you need in a day? Read below to find out more. It's important to know your numbers!

Body Mass Index (BMI)
- This is the most common measure of obesity by an individual's weight relative to height. It is a broad indicator but does not take into account muscle mass.
- To calculate your BMI and figure out what the numbers mean, check out this link:
Ideal Weight?
- Unfortunately for most of us, reaching one's ideal weight is close to impossible. However, give yourself a break and try to stay within 5-10 lbs of your ideal weight.
- To calculate your ideal weight:
  • males (106 lbs for the first 5' and 6 lbs for each inch over 5') +/- 10% for frame size
  • famales (100 lbs for the first 5' and 5 lbs for each inch over 5') +/- 10% for frame size
How many calories do you need?
- Men and woman have very different needs. In order to figure out this number, you need to first calculate how many calories you will need throughout the day when you are at rest. This means, how many calories will you need to stay alive (pump heart, breathe, digest food, blink eyes, think, and all other involuntary activities). This is called BASAL ENERGY EXPENDITURE or BEE.
- To calculate your BEE:
  • Men: 66.47 +13.75 (weight) + 5(height) - 6.75 (age)
  • Females: 655.1 + 9.56 (weight) + 1.85 (height) - 4.68 (age)
  • Please note weight is measured in kg, height is measured in cm
After you have figured out this number, you will need to include the calories you will need to carry out voluntary activities as well as involuntary ones. If you are confined to bed, multiply your answer from above by 1.2. If you are out of bed but still sick, multiply by 1.3. If you are an average, healthy individual, multiply by 1.5. The number you arrive at is the amount of calories you need in one day!
Daily Caloric Needs for Weight Loss:
- Calculate your daily caloric needs and then subtract 500 from it. This will ensure healthy weight loss of about 1 pound per week (1 lb = 3500 calories)
Daily Caloric Needs for Weight Gain:
- Calculate your daily caloric needs and add 500 to the number. This will ensure weight gain of one pound per week.

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  1. Very cool information...I've been having fun figuring out my number :)